Ben and JD – Lyme Loch Lodge – Lyme, NH Destination Wedding

Family. That’s how I was made to feel the weekend Ben and JD got married. Asking me if I had eaten, if not, go grab a plate of tacos. Letting me borrow a sweater because it was chilly up North in the evening. A gift bag of snacks with a list of things to do while in Lyme was on the bed in my room when I checked in. It’s just the way Ben and JD naturally are, gracious and giving. Which is why its no surprise folks from all corners of the country showed up in the small town of Lyme, NH to celebrate these wonderful guys and the love they have for one another. No amount of rain on their day would put a damper on the festivities. People young and old flooded the dance floor to celebrate. And when the evening wound down, we all headed lakeside for a bonfire with smores, music and liquor. The union of two families felt more like a family reunion with a wedding thrown in the mix. Yeah, that awesome!

Congrats Ben and JD. I wish you both a lifetime of great memory-making.

Lakeside at Lyme Loch LodgeBen and JD Getting Ready-3Ben and JD Getting Ready-7Ben and JD Getting Ready-10Ben and JD Getting Ready-15Loch Lyme Lodge DetailsBen and JD Details-17Ben and JD Details-18Ben and JD Ceremony-9Ben and JD Ceremony-11Ben and JD Ceremony-23Ben and JD Ceremony-24Ben and JD Ceremony-29Ben and JD Ceremony-45Ben and JD Ceremony-49Ben and JD Ceremony-51Ben and JD Details-20Ben and JD Details-2Ben and JD Details-5Ben and JD Details-15Ben and JD Details-32Ben and JD Details-31Ben and JD Details-35Ben and JD Cocktail Hour-1Ben and JD Cocktail Hour-20Ben and JD Cocktail Hour-10Ben and JD Details-38Ben and JD Details-7Ben and JD Cocktail Hour-23Ben and JD Cocktail Hour-26Ben and JD Cocktail Hour-27Ben and JD All Portraits-49Ben and JD All Portraits-53Ben and JD All Portraits-64Ben and JD Details-39Ben and JD Details-45Ben and JD All Reception-2Ben and JD All Reception-3Ben and JD All Reception-7Ben and JD All Reception-19Ben and JD All Reception-26Ben and JD All Reception-28Ben and JD All Reception-37Ben and JD All Reception-39Ben and JD All Reception-48Ben and JD All Reception-78Ben and JD All Reception-84Ben and JD All Reception-88Ben and JD All Reception-89Ben and JD All Reception-94Ben and JD All Reception-95Ben and JD All Reception-97


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