Hot for Dots – Boston Studio Photography

This was a bit of a hassle. Recently I decided to take a course in studio portraiture. As a wedding photographer, its been instilled in my mind that natural light is the only true option to get gorgeous photographs. While that may be true with weddings, we’re a bit limited by the elements. So the idea of using artificial lights for anything other than a dark church or reception has been foreign to me. Although I probably won’t lug around a studio lighting kit to weddings, the studio portraiture class has opened up the idea of using light to create artful portraits. Here comes the hassle part. SPACE! You need it for indoor portraiture. My living room is plenty big but…its a living room. ┬áSo with the help of my ever encouraging girlfriend, we bought a background kit, a few rolls of seamless paper and rented some lights. Redesigned our living room so we can move a few pieces of furniture and BAM! In-home studio.

This was our first foray into studio work. I love editorial photographs. The kind that you may find in Target. I LOVE TARGET ADS! They are so joyful and colorful, quite like some weddings.

So with the help of the lovely Olivia, our model, she made this new chapter into my photography one of the most fun experiences I had. My girlfriend styled the shoot, coming up with the theme from just a few pieces she had. My daughter DJ’d the shoot, playing all the right songs to keep the mood fun and free. Olivia modeled like a seasoned pro, despite being unsigned. And I took some pretty ok pics.:)

I plan on doing a TON of shoots now. I’m more than likely going to create another site to keep these areas of photography separated. Until then, enjoy my new creative outlet.

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